Musica Matrix

A 501.c.3 organization devoted to Bringing History to Life through Music

The Catch Club: Merry Companions

Everyone knows “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…” Join Musica Matrix’s newest ensemble and sing rounds from the days of kings and queens to the present time.

The repertoire will draw on the works of such well known composers of rounds as Thomas Ravenscroft of the Renaissance and Henry Purcell of the 17th C., and all the way up to Dorothy Attneave, a contemporary Oregonian rounds composer.

The group will build a repertoire of rounds, catches and cannons that will be presented publicly in the Ashland community at scheduled events, as well as sung just for the fun of it at meeting times. The simplicity of the form belies the sophisticated and often complex melodies that combine to create clever harmonies in different vocal ranges, as the songs progress.