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Ensemble Fontegara

Ensemble Fontegara Renaissance Recorder Group

Renaissance Recorder Group

This ensemble is dedicated to the very specific sound and timbres of a ‘closed consort’ of recorders playing together.

Repertoire varies from the works of early renaissance Masters such as Josquin des Prez, Ludwig Senfl, and Heinrich Isaac to later Renaissance dances by Pierre Attaingnant, Tielman Susato and others. Special attention is paid to the renaissance fingerings of these instruments, different from the modern recorder fingerings we learned in school.

The consort of seven instruments owned by O’Scannell are by Master Builder David Ohanessian; they are tuned in a Renaissance ‘temperament’, making tuning itself something quite different from modern Equal Temperament.

Ensemble Fontegara Renaissance Recorder Group
Ensemble Fontegara Renaissance Recorder Group

Members have a chance to discuss subjects such as ornamentation and divisions, regional and historic styles, and appropriate repertoire. Rehearsals are not on a regular basis, but instead are geared toward preparation of a program for public performance.

Directed by Pat O’Scannell.

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