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Gothic Voices Medieval Choir

We are a small vocal ensemble dedicated to performing European Medieval polyphony & early chant. Founded in 2016, Gothic Voices has presented seven programs throughout period from 2016 to March of 2020.


Gothic Voices Alumni

  • Pat O’Scannell director
  • Suzanne Barnes soprano
  • Rebecca Bittner alto, multi-instrumentalist
  • Ken Depp bass-baritone
  • Nina Egert soprano
  • Carrie E. mezzo soprano
  • Holly Foster soprano, choral director, music teacher
  • Rev. Dan Fowler baritone, guitar
  • Ron Hart tenor, guitar
  • Strand Hill tenor, actor
  • Phil Koenig tenor
  • Adam Kukuk tenor, choral director, music teacher
  • Katja Machcinski
  • Chandra Miller soprano, writer
  • Justin Montalvo tenor, actor
  • Chris Phillips tenor
  • Rebecca Pinnock soprano, percussionist
  • Karen Rogers alto
  • Alexander Vassos baritone, actor and composer
  • Norman Wakefield counter tenor, choral director
  • Kevyn Woven tenor, multi-instrumentalist

Gothic Voices Medieval ChoirGothic Voices with director, Pat O’ScannellGothic Voices singing Lady Mass the Notre Dame Mass by Guillaume de MachutGothic Voices Director Pat O’Scannell

Gothic Voices Concert History:

  • The Art of Courtly Love 3/10/2020
  • Alleluia Nativitas! 11/24/2019
  • Santa Maria, Strela do Dia 5/30/2019
  • Missa L’homme Armé 11/19/2018
  • Before the Armada 6/8/2018
  • The Wars of the Roses 5/20/2017
  • Ladymass: Messe de Nostre Dame 11/18 & 19/2017

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Pat O’Scannell,
Early Music and the Viola da Gamba

This video biography features Musica Matrix founder Pat O’Scannell. The Stories of Southern Oregon project documents Southern Oregon’s heritage and people who are changing our world here in Southern Oregon.

Musica Matrix shares Renaissance and Medieval Music with youth and community in Southern Oregon through school programs, public concerts and workshops in order to preserve and celebrate the music of the past.

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