Shira Kammen

Concert & Workshop February 21-22

Concert: MappaMundi, a Musical Travelogue

Join us in a melodic and rhythmic journey visiting Brittany, Galicia, Bulgaria, North America and England in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Now, with internationally recognized multi-instrumentalist Shira Kammen and her accomplished cohort Jim Oakden, joined by Kevin Carr and Pat O’Scannell, with an opening set by the Gothic Voices medieval choir.

You will hear the sounds of voice, gaita, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, recorder, medieval harp, viola da gamba, accordion, mandolin, fiddles, and more!
Shira Kammen

When: Tuesday, February 21st, 7pm
Doors open at 6:30pm

Where: Paschal Winery
1122 Suncrest Road
Talent, Oregon 97540
(541) 535-7057


Concert only: $20;
Concert plus Workshop: $25
Workshop only: $25.

No reserved seating.

Workshop: A Most Excellent Adventure

We’ll explore how medieval chant developed into polyphony via the gorgeous compositions in the Montpellier and other French manuscripts. Musical games will illuminate the structure of these pieces from the inside out. Improvisation exercises will help us learn the styles more completely.

When: Wednesday, February 22nd, 10am-1pm

Where: Call 541-482-9757 or contact Musica Matrix to reserve a spot in the workshop and get details about the Ashland location and time.

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