Pat O'Scannell - Director of Musica Matrix

Community Ensembles Series Fundraiser

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Musica Matrix is trying to raise $10,000 towards next season’s first-ever ‘Community Ensembles Series’ with local musicians, creating engaging concerts that make Medieval and Renaissance music accessible, free to anyone under 21, and affordable for all. These House Concerts will be a rare opportunity for our Southern Oregon community to hear works of incredible depth and beauty.

Featuring music written before 1600, we are hoping to offer four concerts throughout next season, one concert about every three months.

Your GoFundMe Donation will help cover the cost of publicity, venue, and Artist fees for four concerts in the 2019 season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Musica Matrix received five grants in our first year, but must establish our staying power before we can obtain further grants. This support will allow Musica Matrix to continue its important work.

We have worked so hard to get our organization started. Please help us to move forward on a central part of our vision: providing work for local musicians who specialize in these early styles and genres of music. Our entire community will benefit as music appreciators, budding and seasoned musicians, teachers and new audience members for years to come.

Musica Matrix is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, #47 454 8099

Donate on GoFundMe »

You may also donate directly to Musica Matrix via our donation page »

No donation is too small. We thank you for helping “Bring History to Life Through Music” in Southern Oregon.

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