Shira Kammen

Video: “Mappamundi” Concert with Shira Kammen and Jim Oakden

The “Mappamundi” Concert, held at Paschal Winery in February 2017, was an exploration of musical time and space from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, visiting Brittany, Galicia, Bulgaria, North America and England in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Now.

With performances by internationally recognized multi-instrumentalist Shira Kammen and her accomplished cohort Jim Oakden, joined by Kevin Carr and Pat O’Scannell, with an opening set by the Gothic Voices medieval choir, concert-goers enjoyed the sounds of voice, gaita, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, recorder, medieval harp, viola da gamba, accordion, mandolin, fiddles, and more!

Excerpts from the “Mappamundi” concert with Shira Kammen and Jim Oakden at Paschal Winery.

Shira Kammen, medieval vielle

Jim Oakden: recorder

Pat O’Scannell: tenor viol,

Gothic Voices Medieval Choir & Ensemble Fontegara, Renaissance Recorders directed by Pat O’Scannell


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