The Queens Noyse Concert Flyer

The Queen’s Noyse – A Renaissance Wind Band

Musica Matrix is starting off the new year with our first concert in our brand new ‘Community Ensembles’ series.

The Queen’s Noyse will be performing French Chanson of the early Renaissance as set by Franco Flemish composers such as Josquin des Prez, Hayne van Ghizighem and Alexander Agricola to name but a few.

French Chanson of the Early Renaissance
An Ashland House Concert featuring The Queen’s Noyse
Saturday, Jan. 19th at 4pm, doors open 3:30pm.
Call (541) 482-9757 or write to make your reservation.
Location given at time of reservation

$20, 21 and under enter FREE
Seats are first come, first served. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.

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The Queen’s Noyse is a quartet which consists of cornetto, shawm and two sackbuts.

The cornetto is a hybrid instrument fingering like a recorder, but with a brass style mouthpiece made of horn, wood or ivory. It is curved like an animal horn, made of wood, and covered in black leather.

The shawm is the immediate predecessor of the oboe and English horn. It was brought back from the Middle East in the Middle Ages via the Crusades when it was known as the ‘shalmei’. It was subsequently adapted to the Western scales.

The sackbut is the predecessor of the trombone, with a smaller bore and bell, giving it a quieter sound.

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