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Concert: James Bishop-Edwards – April 15, 2018

Reflections: Book One Songs

The Subtle World of John Dowland – English Lutenist and Composer

One April 15, guest artist James Bishop-Edwards joined mezzo soprano Pat O’Scannell in a concert featuring works by English Renaissance composer and lutenist John Dowland.

One of the most well-known composers of the 16th cenury, Dowland wrote many kinds of music including dances, songs, and instrumental music. Today, he is best known for his lute songs – vocal works for one to four singers with lute accompaniment.

James Bishop-Edwards has been a performer, teacher, composer and recording artist for over thirty-five years. Well-known to Ashland fans of classical guitar, he was head of the Guitar Department at Southern Oregon University in Ashland for several years. James plays several historical instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods such as the five-course guitar and eight-course lute.

Pat O’Scannell is best known for her many contributions to the field of Early Music as a performer, teacher and, most recently, founder of Musica Matrix. In addition to performing, Pat also teaches, organizes workshops, and lectures on the subject of Renaissance, Medieval, and Early Music and Musical Instruments.

An Ashland House Concert featuring:
Lutenist: James Bishop-Edwards
Mezzo Soprano: Pat O’Scannell

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
426 West 6th Street in Medford

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