The Queen’s Noyse

A Renaissance Loud Band

The Queen’s Noyse Renaissance Loud Band
The Queen’s Noyse specializes in music of the outdoor ensembles which featured cornetto (zink), shawm, dulcian (curtal), and sackbut (renaissance trombone).

The repertoire ranges from three-part medieval and early renaissance setting of motets and other part songs, as well as later genres including chanson, Cancioneiro and Renaissance dance music.

O’Scannell has two shawms and a tenor sackbut in her collection, and is joined by players on sackbut, dulcian and cornetto.

Trombone players wishing to learn Renaissance music would have an opportunity to play on an instrument of high quality if they are currently without an instrument.

The group does not rehearse on a regular schedule; rehearsals are scheduled as needed to prepare for upcoming public performances.

Directed by Pat O’Scannell.

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