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Renaissance Ensemble Groups for Youth
Ages: Elementary through 6th, 7th & 8th grades, and High School.

Bringing History to Life Through Music!

Learn to play RenaissanceRecorders

Renaissance Recorders

A Renaissance recorder group for children and young adults, further developing consort skills and using recorder skills gained previously in school. Instrumental technique will be imparted, including reading music, tonguing, and breath control. Students will play actual Renaissance and Medieval music, and learn about the genre as they go.

Classes will be available and scheduled according to the needs of the applicants. Some background on recorder is requested.

Learn to play Renaissance Viols

Renaissance Viols

Junior High School and up

Small group will learn to play one of the three voices of Renaissance Viol: treble, tenor and bass. Lesson will be conducted in a Consort setting, and basics about reading music, holding the bow, and playing in the style will be imparted using consort music as the vehicle for learning.

Classes will be available and scheduled according to the needs of the group. Background on another bowed string instrument is advised but not required.

Youth Renaissance Singing Coaching

Coaching Pre-Existing Ensemble

Our instructor will coach any pre-existing children’s or young adults’ ensemble. Using modern instruments as the conduit of learning, youngsters will be coached in interpreting and playing repertoire of the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

Instructor can also work with vocal ensembles, such as children’s choirs, madrigal groups and smaller vocal ensembles.

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