More Fools Than Wise

Madrigals and Other Early Vocal Forms

More Fools Than Wise Madrigals Ensemble

Meets every Sunday from 1-3 pm in Ashland, Oregon.


The group enjoys singing secular Renaissance and Medieval polyphony, such as madrigals, parts songs, Medieval carols and the like. A basic skill set that includes reading music, sight singing, pitch control and some ensemble singing are suggested.

Learn about the styles, periods and repertoire of Renaissance Masters such as John Dowland, William Byrd, Thomas Morley and others. Rounds, Catches, Canons and the like are also a part of our repertoire with composers such as Thomas Ravenscroft and Henry Purcell.


Madrigal singers “More Fools Than Wise” performing at a recent concert in Ashland Oregon.

Since Pat O’Scannell joined the group as director three years ago, she has also brought in repertoire in foreign tongues such as Spanish, German, Italian, Latin and even Gaelic, providing guidance in the pronunciation of these languages at the time of the composition.

More Fools Than Wise Madrigal Singers

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