Women’s Hildegard von Bingen Choir

Illuminations Women’s Hildegard von Bingen Choir
Illuminations, Women’s Hildegard von Bingen Choir, an all woman offshoot of Gothic Voices, specializes in the plainchant melodies of the Abbess-Composer, Scientist, Artist, Visionary and Inventor Hildegard von Bingen.

Hildegard von Bingen’s soaring melodies are written in a high range as suited her choir of nuns in 12th Century Germany. Their lyrical quality far excelled those of her contemporaries.

Hildegard wrote a large body of Plainchant, including a Liturgical Drama (the first ever), The Ordo Virtutuum, an allegorical tale of a soul’s search for God.

Illuminations as a name is itself a tribute to her artistic skills, for she drew colorful and evocative illustrations called illuminations, such as one would expect to find in a Medieval manuscript. Her use of the Latin language is notable for its sensuality in describing her relationship to God, and her very personal narrative of that relationship. This sort of passionate language borders on the erotic, making her music more visceral, and less abstract than her male counterparts.

The choir will attempt to recreate the timbres of an all-woman choir, such as would have been at her disposal.

An excellent opportunity for women who have experienced Gregorian Chant and would like to learn more. Ability to read music is a requirement, and auditions are held seasonally. The choir meets once per month.

Performances by the group on its own, or in tandem with ‘All and Some’, as well as participation in larger Gothic Voices events and concerts.

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