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Medieval Choir

Gothic Voices Medieval Choir


Gothic Voices Medieval Choir presents works by composers active before the 1500’s and as far back at the 11th Century. The Gothic ensemble of ten voices is under the leadership and direction of Pat O’Scannell.

Musical genres range from sacred polyphony such as Motets, Masses, Marian Antiphons and Plainchant, to secular carols such as the Cantigas de Santa Maria, The Roman de Fauvel and others.

An historic context is a part of the process, and learning about the musical styles and accompanying performance practice are a big part of the choir’s rehearsals. The pieces demonstrate a balance between the ethereal and ‘heady’ philosophical bent of the Medieval mind, and the accompanying rhythmic and harmonic complexity. Rather than major or minor scales, the 12 Church Modes are employed, each one with a slightly different arrangement of half and whole steps.

Attention is paid to the specifics of language, including pronunciation of early European languages, and of early Latin as it was regionally spoken.

Seasonal auditions.

Gothic Voices Medieval Choir

Gothic Voices Medieval Choir

The group is currently working on a program of late 15th C. Masters including Antoine Busnois, William Cornysh and Alexander Agricola. It will center itself around the War of the Roses period, and the English and French battle for sovereignty.

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