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Historical Music Programs Tailor-made to Your Classroom Needs

Musica Matrix offers a variety of classes, lecture demonstrations, concerts and residencies designed to make history come to life in the classroom. Through our programs, students expand their musical and historic knowledge through participation and hands-on experience with historic instruments.

Who is the program for?

Musica Matrix programs can be integrated into a variety of academic subjects:

  • Orchestras, bands, and choirs
  • History, language, music, and advanced placement classes
  • General assemblies towards musical enrichment
  • Theater classes for historically informed performances
  • Carpentry classes for potential participants in apprenticeship programs with Stephen Bacon
  • Exposure to rare historic instruments (i.e. Jack Schuman Collection)
  • Hands On instruction on replicas of historic instruments.

How it works

Musica Matrix works with your instructors to create an educational program tailor-made to fit your students’ needs and your school’s budget. Experts in the playing of period instruments, as well as their historic context, present classes, assemblies, workshops, lecture demonstrations or act as temporary music teachers to supplement your school’s curriculum.

Schools may choose a single hour long “Assembly” program or opt for a longer term “Residency” program customized to classroom needs.

Assembly Program Topics:

Fees vary based on number of performers need for the program: some use one musician, others two, and still others use an actor as well as musicians.

Lecture-demo on historic European instruments

Lecture-demo on historic European instruments

Lecture-demo followed by Q&A
One-hour single session ($250)

A 60 minute detailed account of medieval and renaissance instruments, the comparison to modern conventions, and their repertoires and fundamental techniques. Followed by a Q & A and up close interactive session with students.

Target Audience: General student population, band, orchestra, choir, advanced placement

Concert-demo on historic European instruments and music

Concert-demo on historic European instruments and musics

Concert followed by Q&A
One-hour single performance ($500)

A 45 minute concert presented by two musicians demonstrating the principles of historic performance practice. Followed by a Q & A and up close interactive session with students.

Target Audience: General student population, band, orchestra, choir, advanced placement

Swashbuckling Women Program

Swashbuckling Women

British Ballads and Broadsides
One-hour single performance ($500 – $700)

Stories of female pirates, soldiers and smugglers with a narrative performed by an actor in period costume, with a singer, and musical accompaniment on a selection of historic instruments. Real and fictional female heroes are heralded in song, presented by a seasoned ballad singer well versed in the English style. Ballads from England, Scotland, Ireland and the Borderlands.

Target audience: General student population, choir, history, women’s studies, theatre, band, orchestra, advanced placement.

Mascarade Program


Intrigue at the Court of Versailles
One-hour single performance ($500 – $700)

A story about an instrument told by the female apprentice who carved its head.

Music such as might have been heard at the Court of Versailles circa 1790 at one the frequent Balls or Masques is presented on a variety of period instruments including the vielle a roué. Featuring an actual instrument built at that court by Master Pierre Coty, the program also includes a narrative spoken and performed in period dress. Presents historic information about the Court of Versailles just before the French Revolution, with special attention paid to the life of Marie Antionette.

Target audience: General student population, French language, French history, orchestra, band, choir

Revels! Program


A Christmas program is available upon request featuring a large selection of bagpipes of the World, as well as a St. Patty’s Day concert entitled: Beyond the Pale, featuring traditional music of Ireland and songs in Gaelic.

The Residencies:

Residency Programs, from 1 week to 3 months long, all begin with a single hour-long Assembly as the opening program and conclude with a performance involving students.

In collaboration with your instructors, Musica Matrix will develop a customized reperatoire based on the student type (orchestra, band, choir etc.) and musical theme. Students may be working with historic instruments, or with modern ones, or may be in a vocal medium.


1 Week Residency

One assembly plus four days in-classroom

1 Month Residency

One beginning and one ending assembly, ten days in-classroom teaching.

3 month residency

One beginning and one ending assembly plus 24 days in-classroom teaching and 10 hours private instruction.

Apprenticeship Program

Available as part of 3 month residency, or as separate program.
No additional cost for three month residency; 10 hours private tutoring would convert into 10 hours of apprenticeship for same cost.
As separate program: $1,000.00 for 10 hours of apprenticeship.

Student can sign up to spend hours in the shop or studio learning building and restoration skills under expert instruction for academic points, or towards a professional goal. Similarly, musicians can learn instrumental skills relating to historic music in the studio of a well known professional in the field.

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